Hire a Car and Save Money at Beauvais Airport

Beauvais Airport is also known by the names of Beauvais Tille Airport and Aeroport de Beauvais Tille which is in France located in the small region of the city of Beauvais. You should choose from our car rental brands available with wide variety of cars to choose from. BVA is the international code name of this airport. It is situated in Tille region about 3.5 kilometers away in the north-northeast of Beauvais. It has just two terminals, various snack bars and restaurants to munch and have fun. Moreover, this airport also has good shopping areas. It has very well handled over 2.9 million passengers in the year 2010. It is perfect for the low cost carriers. Even the parking lot is quite big and spacious.


Holiday in the Beautiful Beauvais City

Parc St Paul is an amusement park which must be explored especially with your kids. They will love it for sure. You should have great view of the Beauvais Cathedral where you pray to god and have peaceful time ahead. It is better to hire a car at this airport in advance to have wonderful trip ahead. Another must visit attraction is Chateau de Troissereux.

With so much to see and do in Beauvais Airport, many travelers prefer to rent a car to plan their stay.

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