Top-Notch Car Hire Services at Chiang Mai Airport

Chiang Mai Airport is situated in the Chiang Mai region which is in Thailand. It is considered as the 3rd busiest Airport in the whole Thailand and acts as a main hub for the northern region of Thailand. Chiang Airport also gives the facility of car rental to travel to and from the Airport. When Suvarnabhumi Airport was closed for some time before, then the airlines like for China Airlines, Taipei-Europe flights and Swiss International Airlines were headed from Chiang Mai Airport. There is one domestic as well as one terminal for the International flights on this Airport. Other Airlines that are controlled from this Airport add Air Asia, Bangkok Airways, Kan Air, Orient Thai Airlines and Thai Airways International.

Chiang Mai - Scanning the City

Chiang Mai is a city which is situated in northern region of Thailand. Earlier Chiang Mai was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom but the capital of Chiang Mai Province recently. Its location can also be determined as towards the northern part of Bangkok, that too amongst the Peak Mountains in the whole country. Nakhon Ping, the Srivijaya, the Mengrai, and Kawila are the main regions in which the city is divided. Naga is a snake which is famous as a myth among people in the city that it is a basis for the famous river Ping. Buddhist temples are also famous in the city. Car rental in Chiang Mai I the best to visit famous Museums and the local market.

Rent a car at Chiang Mai to enjoy the beauty of Museums, experience the dining and nightlife in the city.


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