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Ukraine is a famous country which is in Eastern part of Europe. It limits the well known Russian Federation towards its eastern and northeastern region, Belarus towards its northwestern region, Poland, Slovakia as well as Hungary towards its western region, Romania and Moldova towards it southwestern region and the Black Sea and Azov Sea towards the south and southeast region. There are various car rental pick up locations in Ukraine such as the Boryspil International Airport, Luhansk International Airport, Simferopol International Airport, Izmail International Airport, Kyiv International Airport and the Uzhhorod International Airport. The capital city of Ukraine is Kiev which is famous for its Cathedral of Saint Sophia and broad boulevards. Ukraine comprehends the Crimea, two cities named as the Kiev and the Sevastopol.

Grab a Piece of Adventure in Ukraine

Ukraine is famous for its mountain ranges such as the Carpathian Mountains where tourists can enjoy activities like skiing, hiking, fishing as well as hunting. If you visit Ukraine in summers, you can go on the shores of Black Sea. If you are crazy for wine, then this is the best place for you as Ukraine has numerous vineyards wines are produced. You can book the car rental service in Ukraine and visit the famous harbour town named as the Odessa, the Lviv city, Crimea town which is famous for swimming in a very warm climate in between the mountains and plateaus. The Seven Wonders of Ukraine are a must to visit.

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Top Car Rental Deals In Ukrain

Compact Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper ₤ 55

Compact Toyota Altis

Toyota Altis ₤ 69

Fullsize Toyota Vigo Cab

Toyota Vigo Cab ₤ 69

Premium Audi A5,

Audi A5, ₤ 110

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Top Airport Locations in Ukrain

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